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CareDirector is the first health software company to be built on global customer relationship technology from Microsoft. As a Microsoft Gold Partner our solutions are certified for their high standard of features and accessibility and CareDirector is also a Global Independent Software Vendor. This means we can offer our customers flexible licensing and greater support options from the technology installed in our solution. CareDirector’s functionality through the Microsoft Dynamics platform also means that our technology can evolve and adapt as market requirements change.

Technology Benefits:


CareDirector’s software allows users the flexibility to work at home, in the office, on the move or in any location with wireless access. CareDirector’s web based application also allows for full system offline working using Microsoft Outlook.


CareDirector technology allows staff to be more productive by highlighting what cases and customers require their attention. Through summary screens and a single user interface staff are alerted through outliers and urgent situations.


CareDirector technology is designed to allow the co-ordination of case management across an agency. CareDirector copies all relevant emails and calendar appointments into a customers record. As this data only needs to be entered once health professionals are able to spend more time with the people they serve.