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Integrated Health and Social Care

CareWorks provides an integrated solution for health and social care which allows nurses, mental health teams, social workers and therapists to work better together through a single shared information system. This shared system allows them to easily access relevant information on the care that is provided by other professionals. CareWorks provides this through portals where the public and their families have access to information about services in their area which enables them to contribute to the managing their own care.

Health & Human Services

CareDirector provides Health and Human Services solutions which enable agencies to develop and maintain better information systems. CareDirector is a comprehensive case management solution that supports the way your agency wants to operate and helps you achieve improved outcomes for the children, youth and families you serve. CareDirector works with Providers, MCO’s, Aging & Disability Agencies, Child Welfare Agencies and Home and Community Based Services throughout the USA by providing them with a fully integrated case management, time and attendance, tracking and billing system.

Mobile Solutions

CareDirector Integrate offers a simple, secure alternave to paper based files and a solution to mobile working. The application puts the essential case information at your fingertips, even when working “offline”. Crucially it enables you to record your notes, activity and fill in forms whilst out on a visit or in the community, dramatically reducing the need to spend time at your desk with a PC.