Person-Centred: The Future for People with Disabilities

At CareDirector, we believe that the people who receive care should be involved in decisions about their care planning, decisions and delivery, to achieve their highest potential. Our innovative solutions help organizations, individuals and their families communicate, innovate, and work toward the highest standard of care.

Person-centered practice is the new standard of care in places like Minnesota, person-centered practices inform all areas of service delivery. Minnesota’s Department of Human Services strives to ensure that every person who receives long-term services and supports or mental health services can live, learn and enjoy life in an integrated setting. Central to this approach is a person-centered support system that uses language which reflects the strengths and interests of each individual, not just their disability.

Person centered care requires a lot of communication between providers, individuals, families and caregivers. CareDirector facilitates and documents this communication.  Providers can communicate with participants, family members and guardians in real time. Individuals and their families can use the person-centered Consumer portal  to complete forms, book appointments and communicate with their care team. CareDirector manages all the data and workflows.

We understand the issues providers face, because the CareDirector team includes people who have worked in health and human services organizations, and know the benefits of using person-centered language, and a person-centered approach. This informs all our development.

We all like to make our own decisions, and we resent people who think they know “what is best for us.”  People with disabilities are no different. Becoming an active participant rather than a passive recipient changes lives

Be the change in your organization in 2017. Integrate person-centered practices and language into your organization today.

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