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Our Story

Our Story

CareWorks has just celebrated its 20th birthday. There’s an old Irish saying which starts ‘twenty years growing, twenty years in bloom’. The company’s years of bloom have arrived.

CareWorks started out as an idea towards the end of 1996. Four guys were convinced that a project they were working on would be a great basis for an operational case management system we could sell in the UK. They felt that a client server system with a nice windows screen and integration to office and email would be embraced by social workers. So they quit their jobs and rented a part of a small office on Furze Road in Sandyford Industrial Estate. CareWorks was born.

Soon after they learned that the project they were going to be working on had little money. The project was put into maintenance mode and the contract was offered out to tender. Then they awarded that contract to someone else.

The four guys kept going doing odds and sods. Then the year 2000 happened. Everyone was worried that their software would fail when the magic 2000 was hit because programmes then were written with 2 digit date formats. The health boards in Ireland needed to replace their old community systems. CareWorks spent some time building a solution that would help meet the health boards needs and that system was bought by five of the eight health boards pre-HSE.

Then CareWorks worked with the YJB on the specification for a new cms for the emerging YOTs. This was our start in the UK. After getting some YOT business opportunities opened up to build more integrated solutions starting with children’s systems at Medway and Wrexham. In 2009 the systems we’d built a few years before were getting jaded. We took personalisation and went to CRM. That opened up the USA opportunity.

Now we’re set for the next chapter:

–         Into health in UK

–         Into state contracts in the USA

Thank you to everyone who has worked over many years to get us to this day. Thank you and congratulations.