If you have browsed the internet over the last few years, the likelihood is that you’ve come across a unique and inspiring Ted Talk. A series dedicated to sharing powerful statements about how certain pragmatic individuals (Thought Leaders) achieve success and how easy it can be for you to do the same. Everything from “How leaders inspire” to the unique “Power of vulnerability”. That’s why here at CareDirector we came across this video that we thought would really make you rethink the “thought leader”. Deconstructing all those other talks you’ve heard and chances are really making you think.

In the video, self-proclaimed thought leader extraordinaire Pat Kelly spoofs hand signals, facial expressions, all with the aim of engaging the audience to give him a standing ovation.

We think we’ve given away too much of the game away already. So why not take a five minute break and watch the video below. Oh and if you’re interested in learning more about how CareDirector can help you rethink your nonprofit or social service agency today, contact us below.