Torfaen Young Carers Service gets support from CareWorks Birthday Fund

2017 is a special year for CareWorks. On 26th February, we celebrated our 20th year in business and to help celebrate our 20 years we have created a special birthday fund of €20,000.

We are now delighted to announce the first recipient of funding from our birthday fund; Torfaen Young Carers Service

Torfaen Young Carers Service is a support system for people under 18 who have become a carer at an early age. The service works with children, young people and their families to give the young carers support and a short break by engaging in social, age appropriate and leisurely activities. The support really makes a difference to the young carers by having the opportunity to meet up with other young carers and take part in fun, confidence building activities, illustrated by some of their comments below.

      “I get to do things I                      “Torfaen Young Carers

would never normally do”                   helped me to relax”




“The services gives me           “It has helped me make friends,

               a break”                          and build my confidence”




One of the things the young carers look forward to is their annual trip to the Young Carers Camping Weekend in Southampton run by the YMCA. Torfaen Young Carers Service recently lost the funding they used to provide this trip to the young carers and their families. They were faced with an impossible decision; Either cancel the annual trip or ask the families to pay themselves.

Luckily, CareWorks happened to be searching for a good cause to invest part of its birthday fund in and will be making a lot of young carers happy by funding the next young carers camping trip.

If you have a worthy cause you would like to nominate for our birthday fund and make a difference to people’s lives, nominate the cause here.


Five important questions to ask when choosing case management software

CareWorks recognises that it’s not an easy process to select the right software solution for your organization. You need to find a solution that meets your needs today, with the flexibility to help you move with confidence into the future. You also need a technology partner you can trust.

Here are five important questions to ask:

  1. Is the solution open and flexible? Can it meet our requirements now, and grow with us in the future? Can we make changes without vendor help?
  2. How is the solution implemented? Does the vendor have dedicated implementation and training staff? What happens after go-live? Will they support us long-term?
  3. Is it a ‘one fits all’ solution or can the solution be tailored to fit our particular needs?
  4. Does the software work in the field? Can I use a mobile device? Does it support the way we work? What about email?
  5. Is the software built on modern architecture? Will it work with my other systems?

CareWorks has worked with health and human services organizations for over 20 years, providing  the first and only social work case management and financial solution based on world leading customer relationship technology from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Health and human services is our only business. CareDirector is highly flexible, and tailored to meet each customer’s individual needs, enabling agency staff to be better informed, engaged and empowered. CareDirector’s web portals bring that engagement into the community, enabling clients to take an active role in their care.

If you would like to know more about CareWorks, or how it can help transform your organization, contact us today. We would love to tell you more.

Person-Centred: The Future for People with Disabilities

At CareDirector, we believe that the people who receive care should be involved in decisions about their care planning, decisions and delivery, to achieve their highest potential. Our innovative solutions help organizations, individuals and their families communicate, innovate, and work toward the highest standard of care.

Person-centered practice is the new standard of care in places like Minnesota, person-centered practices inform all areas of service delivery. Minnesota’s Department of Human Services strives to ensure that every person who receives long-term services and supports or mental health services can live, learn and enjoy life in an integrated setting. Central to this approach is a person-centered support system that uses language which reflects the strengths and interests of each individual, not just their disability.

Person centered care requires a lot of communication between providers, individuals, families and caregivers. CareDirector facilitates and documents this communication.  Providers can communicate with participants, family members and guardians in real time. Individuals and their families can use the person-centered Consumer portal  to complete forms, book appointments and communicate with their care team. CareDirector manages all the data and workflows.

We understand the issues providers face, because the CareDirector team includes people who have worked in health and human services organizations, and know the benefits of using person-centered language, and a person-centered approach. This informs all our development.

We all like to make our own decisions, and we resent people who think they know “what is best for us.”  People with disabilities are no different. Becoming an active participant rather than a passive recipient changes lives

Be the change in your organization in 2017. Integrate person-centered practices and language into your organization today.

To find out more about CareDirector, and our person-centered philosophy, visit our US Website here

Shaw Trust Certificate

CareWorks Customer Portal and Resource Directory web applications have been certified as accessible by Shaw Trust as our portals meet the accessibility standards specified by the W3C ( and by section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act (
This continues CareWorks commitment to providing solutions to organisations that serve, engage and enable patients and people in need. We specialise in providing software solutions to organisations that provide community health, mental health and social services. Shaw Trust certification ensures that “Any web site carrying this mark has been tested by people with a wide range of disabilities and found to be accessible”.
To find out more about CareWorks integrated health and social care system click here
To find out more about CareDirector’s portals click here

The Community Care Information Solution for Wales

CareWorks, is the company behind the new £6.7 million (€9.32 million) all-Wales Community Care Information Solution (CCIS) announced by Welsh health minister, Professor Mark Drakeford.

CareDirector Cymru – the person-focussed, health and social care information solution for Wales Read more

The thought leader: Deconstructing the TED Talk

If you have browsed the internet over the last few years, the likelihood is that you’ve come across a unique and inspiring Ted Talk.

The CCIS is Now Live at Bridgend County Borough Council

Through the successful working partnership of CareWorks and the team at Bridgend County Borough Council the Community Care Information Solution is now live in Bridgend.

The CCIS is built upon our CareDirector software solution and it is designed to deliver an integrated health and social care solution for the people of Wales. It will enable health, social services, mental health, therapy and community services to deliver effective care and place the people receiving the care at the centre of the process. Read more

CareWorks and the CCIS at the NSSC 2016

CareWorks are again delighted to be a main sponsor for the National Social Services Conference (NSSC) in Llandudno this year.

The NSSC, which is organised by the Association of the Directors For Social Services Cymru, will bring together key organisations that are responsible for promoting and providing social care to the people of Wales. Read more