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Five important questions to ask when choosing case management software

CareWorks recognises that it’s not an easy process to select the right software solution for your organization. You need to find a solution that meets your needs today, with the flexibility to help you move with confidence into the future. You also need a technology partner you can trust. Here are five important questions to […]

Person-Centred: The Future for People with Disabilities

At CareDirector, we believe that the people who receive care should be involved in decisions about their care planning, decisions and delivery, to achieve their highest potential. Our innovative solutions help organizations, individuals and their families communicate, innovate, and work toward the highest standard of care. Person-centered practice is the new standard of care in places like […]

Shaw Trust Certificate

CareWorks Customer Portal and Resource Directory web applications have been certified as accessible by Shaw Trust as our portals meet the accessibility standards specified by the W3C (http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG20/) and by section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act (https://www.section508.gov/content/learn).. This continues CareWorks commitment to providing solutions to organisations that serve, engage and enable patients and people in need. We […]